About our job

Claudia e Cezar, first time in Indonesia, 2009.

How the blog was Criated

Claudia and Cezar  to travel all world. We said our home is the world. We start this journey in 2009. Blog was created in 2013.

We are always chasing authentic travel experience and sharing inspiration.

Claudia is responsable for writing and publishing posts in blog and also for managing social media and brands contacts. Cezar usually plan the trip, the best location and hotels to promote.

In San Blas Islands, Panamá

Trips Incriveis is a digital plataform for Travel and Life Experiences Themes.

The main goal of the blog is to share useful tips and personal impressions about travel experience and to inspire readrs to explore the world in a unique and personal way.

We have assidous readers of travel bloggers and digital plataforms that connects travelers and we love everything that relates to travel theme.


After many years of research we created our own blog based on our experience abroad.

We write about real travel experiences in a creative and useful way.

Working with us allows you to leverage the trusted relationship we´ve established with a highly targeted audience that shares a passion for travel.

By sharing experiences and exposing our authentic way to travel on the blog, we have been able to connect readers and followers creating a trust relationship.

Our posts inspire people to visit new destinations across the globe; giving them ideas for way to stay, wich restaurants to try, wich products to use on a travel adventure and what experiences they can have while traveling.

Gili T.

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words and we focus on showing our experiences with hotels, restaurantes, and tours through photographs and well-written reviews.

The blog is intended for an audience of active and frequent travelers.

They are readers who tend to invest in travel experiences and seek suggestions for itineraries, accomodation, products and tours. 

Travelers from Brazil are main focus, but the audience is also made up of many countries in Europe and also United States. 

Most of our readers are people between 35 to 55 years, who want to live unforgettable moments and value comfort and convenience.

Travel is not only our passion. It is also our business. We have the expertise to engaged and INSPIRE our readers.


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